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Extended Surface CarboPleat and DuoPleat

Viledon CarboPleats and DuoPleat filters removal air particulate while collection volatile organic compounds and gases. Carbo and Duo Pleats improve air quality in commercial and industrial applications. Trican filters protect sensitive products, processes, equipment and people by eliminating pollutant gases and unwanted odors. They are excellent for use in state-of-the-art air-conditioning units and indoor climate control systems such as those in airports, hospitals, museums, commercial buildings and laboratories.

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carbonbulkBulk Carbon Sales – All types of Gas Filtration; H2S Collection, Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Collection

  • Carbon Housings, Custom Sizing Available
  • Carbon Trays, Customized Carbon Blending, Bulk Carbon Sales



as12RCY-1000 Replacement Trays & Refillable Carbon Trays

  • Lots of sizes to fit all manufactured housings or custom sizes available
  • Steel, powder coated Frames
  • Refillable modules
  • Refillable design
  • Available in Convoluted Carbon Cell Design

carbonfilterhousingCarbon Filter Housings – CY-1000 Odour Control Units – Front Access Housings – Carbon Housings

  • 14 or 16 gauge cold rolled steel construction
  • Custom Made Housings, Kiosks and Trays
  • Easily removable access grid
  • Available with built-in prefilter and final filter tracks
  • Contains various weights, amounts, media and configuration of carbon to suite your needs

carbonsideaccesshousingSide Access Housings

  • 16 gauge aluminum construction.
  • Side access carbon filter housing.
  • Complete with 2″ prefilter track

Trican Filtration Group has been supplying Odour Control Units to the waste water industry for 30 years. Our Carbon Units scrub and collect volatile organic compounds for all types of applications in all industries.