Tri-Dek Panel Filter Brochures
 – Trican Panel Filters

  • 3 Ply Pre-Filtration
  • Intake for HVAC and general equipment protection
  • Depth loading filtration allows particulate to be captured throughout the depth of the filter
  • Made from synthetic fibers
  • Thermally bonded seal, filters contain an internal tackifier
  • Eliminates the risk of unfiltered air bypass as it is self gasketing
  • Resistant to moisture and microbial growth

Pleated Air Filter BrochuresTrican Tri-Dim PleatsViledon Pleated Filters

  • Pleated Filters are designed to meet all requirements of standard air handling systems as to frame dimension, depth and performance.
  • High quality wet strength to reduce warping available
  • Comes in a wide variety of options, available in various efficiencies and with impregnated carbon

Bag and Pocket  Filter BrochuresF50 Pocket FilterViledon T60 Pocket FilterViledon MF90 with Nano jetSpin TechnologySyn-Pac E Bag Pocket Filters

  • Viledon Pocket Filters are excellent for all types of air handling systems
  • Aerodynamic tubular spacers channel the air entering the pocket, resulting in lower pressure drop
  • Constructed to withstand extreme humidity, high velocities and turbulence
  • Media is a fine progressively structured design that provides exceptionally low pressure drop
  • Self-supported pockets remain rigid in the airstream at all times
  • Tri-Dim offers a wide variety of bag filters to meet your budget and performance requirements
  • Utilizes an advanced dual layer of melt blown media
  • Filters use an exclusive hybrid media to overcome the problem of efficiency degradation and fiber shedding, good for high humidity and high moisture applications.
  • Does not support microbial growth, various constructions available as well as efficiencies

hvacbViledon MV V-Style Filter BrochuresMV Brochure – Carbopleat Duopleat V-Style Filters

  • HVAC Filtration for intake or exhaust
  • Available in various efficiencies, also available with impregnated carbon for optimum filtration and VOC collection
  • Fine, progressively structured, thermally bonded media provides exceptionally low pressure drop at high efficiency levels
  • Can be used with or without a prefilter
  • Patented recess design of MV`s provides full utilization of the entire prefilter media area
  • Light weight, resistant to physical damage, moisture and chemicals
  • V-Banks are potted into a high strength all plastic frame. Construction assures optimum performance under turbulent flow and load changes
  • Made from Viledon’s own organic synthetic filter media

Tri-Cell VRC High Efficiency V-Cell with Replaceable Panel System
Brochure Tri-Cell VRC Filter

  • An innovative replacement panel system designed with maintenance staff in mind
  • Utilizes a permanent metal frame that can be permanently mounted
  • Available in 12 or 15 inch depths
  • Available in 85 or 95% efficiencies
  • Media packs do not shed fibers
  • Made with electrostatically enhanced Medias

Tri-Cell R and Syn-Pac R Rigid Box Filter BrochuresTri-Cell RTr-Cell ASHRAETrican Syn-Pac-Rigid

  • Tri-Dim`s Rigid Cell family offers both fiberglass and synthetic media.
  • High capacity Rigid air filters designed for use in all air handling systems
  • Available in no header box style or a single header style frame constructed of galvanized steel
  • Available in depths of 12 and 6 inches
  • Available in a wide range of efficiencies

HEPAS and Micro-Cell 95% Brochures Trican HEPASTrican Micro-Cell-95Viledon HEPA and ULPA Filters

  • Tri-Dim Tri-Pure HEPA and HEPAMAX offer a complete line of high efficiency filters for your critical applications
  • Minimum efficiency at rated airflow of 99.97% on 0.3 microns, Scan Tested HEPAS have a minimum efficiency of 99.99% on 0.3 micron particle sizes.
  • Available with gasket seal or gel seal
  • Tri-Dim`s Micro-Cell Series offers 95 % DOP Rated extended surface air filters
  • Micro-Cells are for use in critical applications that require clean air but do not require HEPA or ULPA efficiency or for applications that cannot handle the additional cost, air flow restrictions or major modifications associated with the use of HEPA filters
  • Trican offers a large selection of HEPA and ULPA Filters with various construction
  • Filters are microbiologically inactive

Dust Collector Cartridges and Turbomachinery BrochuresFilter Cartridge for Dust CollectionDepth Loading Filter CartridgePulse Loading Filter CartridgesAir Intake for Turbomachinery

  • Depth Loading Filter Cartridges significantly enhance the cost of efficiency of turbomachinery systems.
  • Pulse Loading Filter Cartridges optimize self-cleaning characteristics, maximize useful lifetimes and significantly enhance the cost lifecycle for supply air filtration in Turbomachinery system
  • High Dust Holding Capacities, Low Pressure Drops, High Efficiencies and Extended Filter Life

Filter Media and Frame Brochures – Trican Tri-Dek No. 8 MediaFrames and HousingsTri-Met Flat Bank Filter Housings and Tri-Met Holding Frames

  • Trican offers a variety of Filtration Media for every budget and application
  • Medias come with optional Antimicrobial Treatment and Tackifier
  • Various efficiencies and thicknesses available in rolls and cut pads
  • Trican offers a wide variety of Metal Mesh Filters, Housing Frames, Housings and service frames all suited for your configuration and application