Trican Filtration Group Inc. – Established, 1988

Trican Filtration Group Inc. is a Canadian owned company which began operations in 1988.  Trican has been providing cutting edge air filtration products and solutions to the commercial and industrial sectors for 30 years.  Our air filtration products protect equipment and improve indoor air quality by removing microorganisms, particulates and VOC’s from entering our work environments.  Poor indoor air quality  produces respiratory problems and a list of illnesses and health issues.  Of all pollutants, the smallest particles can have the greatest impact on our health and damage valuable equipment.  At Trican we take pride in supplying top quality products that protect people, lower energy costs, reduce waste and provide optimal performance and longer life times.   Products are available with low pressure drops and high dust holding capacities with high final resistance meaning reduced energy and maintenance costs, and a long filter lifespan.  Proper filtration can save costs on replacing or repairing damaged or dirty machinery, coils and fan blades.  Our filters leave a smaller environmental footprint as disposal is cut down due to longer filter life spans and our products feature green initiatives during the filter construction process.  Recycled materials are used in the construction when possible.

Our filters improve air quality, protect equipment and improve overall personal health.  Trican’s  fastidious customer service provides you the customer with peace of mind.  Trican works hard at making sure our customers receive the highest quality of service and product.

Trican is also a leader in Plymovent Diesel Extraction Equipment and the removal of dangerous exhaust fumes from fire stations, truck shops and welding shops. We specialize in Fire House apparatus and diesel exhaust extraction.

Our Quality Products OutPerform and Save you Money

Trican prides itself on providing the highest quality products from the simplest application to the more sophisticated filtration projects.  Our products aid in helping solve Sick Building Syndrome and enhance work environments.  Trican can fit you with the most leading edge products at competitive prices.  Our products provide cost effectiveness and save you time and money by increasing product longevity and lowering costs with some of the lowest resistance air filters on the market.  This equals dollars saved;

  • Savings on maintenance and labour costs as a result of less air filter changes
  • Savings with improved longevity of equipment life; better coil efficiency, improved fan efficiency, improved duct cleanliness, and overall cleanliness improvements including diffusers, ceiling tiles, walls, floors, office furniture and electronics
  • Savings on an overall reduction of filter costs due to increased filter lifespan with Viledon’s patented progressively structured media
  • Savings on wages with less sick time off work for employees

Our Filters and Carbon Provide Improvements for Health & Comfort

  • Trican filters can prevent microorganisms and particulate from entering the HVAC system
  • Trican’s Air Filters protect building users from recirculated air that has been contaminated by microorganism, dust and larger particulates which may have either grown in the building or entered through unfiltered openings
  • Our filters can Arrest Particulate From the Air, thereby removing a transport mechanism for smaller organisms
  • Trican offers filters with a High Degree of Structural Integrity
  • Due to their construction and/or self supporting pockets, our filters can Retain Particulate During Change-outs
  • Filters require no special handling or maintenance procedures to install or service filters
  • Our Gas Phase Carbon Filters and units absorb odours, gases and VOC’s
  • Trican offers filters with Long Service Life
  • Trican offers low pressure drops due to our special medias and filter configurations Lowering Your Energy Requirements

Whether the application is large or small, Trican Filtration Group can supply you with what is best for your budget and your requirements. Let us save you maintenance costs on your equipment and improve your indoor air quality.

Trican is your “One Source for Clean Air”