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Trican Filtration Group Inc. has provided World Class Filtration Products to the Commercial and Industrial Sectors in British Columbia and beyond since 1988. Our products consist of leading edge Filtration products by VILEDON, FREUDENBERG, TRIDIM and PLYMOVENT. Our wide selection of Viledon Air Filters, Freudenberg Air Filters, Tridim Air Filters and Carbon Filters for Air Applications consist of products for many applications; All HVAC Systems, Turbine Applications, Hospitals, Office Building, Industrial Processing, Auto body and Automotive Spray Booths, Malls, Welding Shops, Wood Shops, Manufacturing, Mining, Pulp & Paper, Farming, Residential filters, and Furnace Filters. Our Plymovent Systems provide extraction of diesel fumes, welding fumes and other fumes in a large variety of systems for various applications; Fire House, Fire Engines, Fire Hall Diesel Extraction Systems, Welding Fumes, as well as Oil & Mist Absorption just to name a few.