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Trican’s Quality Air Filtration Products Provide Protection

Trican’s Air Filtration Products Protect Machinery and Equipment and Improve Indoor Air Quality by removing microorganisms, particulates and VOC’s from entering our work environments. Poor Indoor Air Quality produces respiratory problems, spreads viruses and Molds and can create other health issues. Of all pollutants, the smallest particles can have the greatest impact on our health as well as damage valuable equipment.

At Trican we take pride in supplying top quality products that protect people, lower energy costs, reduce waste and provide optimal performance. Our specialty products have the lowest pressure drops and highest dust holding capacities on the market meaning reduced energy and maintenance costs and longer filter life for you.

Proper filtration can save having to replace or repair damaged or dirty machinery, coils and fan blades. Our Air Filters leave a smaller environmental footprint by avoiding waste, reducing the use of materials by using recycled raw materials, and use disposal-friendly space-saving product alternatives.  The green initiatives boost the efficiency of industrial processes while protecting people and the environment.

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