An Introduction To Some Of Trican's Products

Trican Panel FiltersTri-Dek Panel Filter Brochures – Trican Panel Filters
  • 3 Ply Pre-Filtration
  • Intake for HVAC and general equipment protection
  • Depth loading filtration allows particulate to be captured throughout the depth of the filter
  • Made from synthetic fibers
  • Thermally bonded seal, filters contain an internal tackifier
  • Eliminates the risk of unfiltered air bypass as it is self gasketing
  • Resistant to moisture and microbial growth
Pleated Air Filter BrochuresTrican Tri-Dim PleatsViledon Pleated Filters
  • Pleated Filters are designed to meet all requirements of standard air handling systems as to frame dimension, depth and performance.
  • High quality wet strength to reduce warping available
  • Comes in a wide variety of options, available in various efficiencies and with impregnated carbon
Bag and Pocket  Filter BrochuresF50 Pocket FilterViledon T60 Pocket FilterViledon MF90 with Nano jetSpin TechnologySyn-Pac E Bag Pocket Filters
  • Viledon Pocket Filters are excellent for all types of air handling systems
  • Aerodynamic tubular spacers channel the air entering the pocket, resulting in lower pressure drop
  • Constructed to withstand extreme humidity, high velocities and turbulence
  • Media is a fine progressively structured design that provides exceptionally low pressure drop
  • Self-supported pockets remain rigid in the airstream at all times
  • Tri-Dim offers a wide variety of bag filters to meet your budget and performance requirements
  • Utilizes an advanced dual layer of melt blown media
  • Filters use an exclusive hybrid media to overcome the problem of efficiency degradation and fiber shedding, good for high humidity and high moisture applications.
  • Does not support microbial growth, various constructions available as well as efficiencies
hvacbViledon MV V-Style Filter BrochuresMV Brochure – Carbopleat Duopleat V-Style Filters
  • HVAC Filtration for intake or exhaust
  • Available in various efficiencies, also available with impregnated carbon for optimum filtration and VOC collection
  • Fine, progressively structured, thermally bonded media provides exceptionally low pressure drop at high efficiency levels
  • Can be used with or without a prefilter
  • Patented recess design of MV`s provides full utilization of the entire prefilter media area
  • Light weight, resistant to physical damage, moisture and chemicals
  • V-Banks are potted into a high strength all plastic frame. Construction assures optimum performance under turbulent flow and load changes
  • Made from Viledon’s own organic synthetic filter media
Tri-Cell VRC High Efficiency V-Cell with Replaceable Panel System Brochure Tri-Cell VRC Filter
  • An innovative replacement panel system designed with maintenance staff in mind
  • Utilizes a permanent metal frame that can be permanently mounted
  • Available in 12 or 15 inch depths
  • Available in 85 or 95% efficiencies
  • Media packs do not shed fibers
  • Made with electrostatically enhanced Medias
Dust Collector Cartridges and Turbomachinery BrochuresFilter Cartridge for Dust CollectionDepth Loading Filter CartridgePulse Loading Filter CartridgesAir Intake for Turbomachinery
  • Depth Loading Filter Cartridges significantly enhance the cost of efficiency of turbomachinery systems.
  • Pulse Loading Filter Cartridges optimize self-cleaning characteristics, maximize useful lifetimes and significantly enhance the cost lifecycle for supply air filtration in Turbomachinery system
  • High Dust Holding Capacities, Low Pressure Drops, High Efficiencies and Extended Filter Life
Filter Media and Frame Brochures – Trican Tri-Dek No. 8 MediaFrames and HousingsTri-Met Flat Bank Filter Housings and Tri-Met Holding Frames
  • Trican offers a variety of Filtration Media for every budget and application
  • Medias come with optional Antimicrobial Treatment and Tackifier
  • Various efficiencies and thicknesses available in rolls and cut pads
  • Trican offers a wide variety of Metal Mesh Filters, Housing Frames, Housings and service frames all suited for your configuration and application
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